5 Bizarre Fashion Trends


Summary: fashion can be as varied as the human race. Every person is accustomed to one dress up and fashion. But when a large section of crowd inclines to use similar get up, a history is made.

  1. Chopines: – Originally came to existence in Venice at the beginning of the 15th Century. They may be considered the forerunners of high heel culture. They were generally made from wood or cork and sometimes from metals. At first they were used to protect the walker from water, mud and soil. But soon it became a trend and also a reference for social status of the possessor. The higher their heels, the higher their status in the society. Some chopines are over 20 inches high. Shakespeare had even mocked this chopines in his play ‘Hamlet’.
  2. Mullet Hair styles: – Mullet hair cut is a hair style where the front and side hairs are cut short while the back hairs are grown long. Its origin refers back to the 8th Century BC where Homer had described soldiers having mullet hair cut. In Roman culture, the mullet haircut has found its mention beside Emperor Nero. Mullets came into existence in the modern world from singing rockstars of the early 1970s. Singers like Beatles Paul McCartney, David Bowie introduced these styles to the world. Popularity of the mullet hair style rose in the era of 1980s. Different talk shows and films were made upon this hairstyle. In July 2010, the Islamic Community rose against these hair styles thereby banning it completely from their society.
  3. Bullet Bra: – this kind of brassiere came out first in the 1940s and became very much popular in the 1960s and 1970s. The garment got its name from the cone shape of the cups which represent the edge of the bullet. They are usually manufactured from nylon type of materials. Women at that time usually hard ironed these garments to maintain their shape. The trend became popular after it was worn under tight sweater. Thus the term sweater girls stick with it. Many actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Betty Page have promoted this kind of under garments during that period.
  4. Sagging: – Sagging is a term generally associated with male fashion where the person wears a trouser below his waist revealing some of the portions of his underwear. In some countries, it is also known as “low riding”. This trend has its origin in the United States jails where the inmates were not given belt to wear for which their trousers sagged. It is just like modern day Low rise jeans.
  5. Lotus foot or foot binding: – Popular in mainland China where foots are tied and folded at a very tender age to fit into small shoes. At first it was practiced by upper class people but soon it spread across all over China. Chinese men found small foot attractive and to provide their worthiness, girls were foot bound at a small age.

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