5 Traditional Fashion Trends Still Alive


Summary: The best thing about tradition is that it hardly dies. In fact, it has a tendency to grow old with time and remain alive with all youthful vigor. Traditions normally stand the test of time yet they inspire new ideas. As far our dressing is concerned, traditional get up will no longer fade as long as it gives germ to new ideas.

Traditional fashions are gaining trends not only inside their country but in outside countries as well. Here is a brief note on various traditional fashion trends around the world.

  1. 1.      Japan: – As one the oldest cultures in the world, Japan has preserved its traditional dress Kimono. It is generally denotes robes which are full length in size and worn by women, children and men alike. They are generally worn by women and by men during special occasions such as tea ceremonies, wedding. Kimonos have different patterns on them which specifically describe which time of the year it should be worn. Like watery design denotes that it should be worn during summer, butterfly or cherry blossoms mean spring.
  2. 2.      Scotland: – Kilt is generally worn by Scottish people and is slowing gaining trends among other Scottish people around the world. The length of the kilts is knee-high with pleats at the back. At first it was enclosed within Scottish mainland but soon the Celtic people started using it. It is generally worn my men and are gradually gaining trends in everyday usage. It is worn with t-shirts, coats and laced up boots.
  3. 3.      Philippines: – Baro’t Saya is the main traditional dress of Philippines. Baro’t saya is two piece dress where a blouse and skirt is worn. The blouse is generally sleeveless on which different colorful embroidery or printed designs are done while the skirt remains simple. Filipino men wear Barong Tagalog which is similar to Baro’t Saya and is very light weight.
  4. 4.      England: – Among many dresses worn by English people, the corset are gaining popularity day by day. It is the famous Victorian inner garment worn mainly by women to maintain their body shape. By wearing this, men and women were able to reduce their waist line to as much as 13 inches as compared to a full grown woman. Corsets are made from cloths which are then hardened by inserting cloth in their channel. This creates flexibility in them. They are tied together by laces at the back.
  5. 5.      India: – Among many cultures, India has been predominating in recent years. One of the traditional attire for women in India is sari. This is worn by Indian women of different cultures around the world. Materials used in the making range from silk, nylon, cotton, etc. As people are beginning to be attracted by the Indian culture, they have started embracing saris in their daily life. Different types of saris are found across India based on regional attributes.

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